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Vann the Red

I'm interested to learn what the author said about the 'called shot'. I heard an interview some years ago with a Cubs player on that team who roomed with the pitcher who gave it up. The roommate said that if any hitter, Ruth included, had tried to show him up that way, the next pitch would have been in his ear.


Essentially, his verdict is that Ruth did indicate towards the Cubs dugout - who were riding him fairly hard - that he was going to hit a home run. What he did not do was signal or point where he was going to hit it. Creamer's research shows that he did this a few other times in his career - doubtless when he got really motivated for one reason or another - although none of the other occasions are as well known obviously. Of course, one also suspects there are occasions when he indicated he would hit a home run, and struck out, but it is the way of myths and legends that those incidents are lost and only the successful ones remain remembered.

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